Basics one needs to know before writing the Cypress tests

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In recent times, Automation is one of the buzz words we get to hear in the software industry. Everything that has a scope of automation is being automated today. Testing is one such aspect which has a lot of scope for automation, But we need to be very careful while automating the process of Testing as this is one of the very important phases of the Software development cycle and gives us the

  • Chance of identifying the defects and Reducing the flaws in the system

In this article, we’ll be discussing the automation…

Going inside the mind of a person with social anxiety and understanding what they feel.

Have you ever come across any individual who gets off with a social gathering without speaking a word, who always sticks to a corner as if they are disconnected with the surroundings, who doesn’t crack nor enjoy any jokes etc.

Majority of the people think they are Timid wallflowers, Arrogant, Attention seekers and the list goes on……But at the end of the day, they are almost always labelled as a Weirdo :((.

Broadly these so-called Weirdos act weird if they are (Not everyone, the majority belongs to these categories)

1) Shy — Feels Uncomfortable to open up or express themselves.

Hello, Machine learning fellas….recently during this lockdown period, while I was visiting back the basic concepts of ML, I gained a better intuition & perspective on some very subtle concepts which I neglected back then. One such concept is the loss function of logistic regression. Before discussing our main topic I would like to refresh your memory on some pre-requisite concepts which would help us understand our main topic better.

Pre-Requisites for this article:

  • Logistic Regression
  • Interest to learn 😉😉

When we started with Machine learning, the first topic every one of us were taught was Linear Regression

Recently I got this strange inclination to search for some cool projects on GitHub and understand how they work. So, in this process, I found that every third project, I came across use Docker. Just as everyone would do, I also went to my best friend Google to know about it. Upon searching, I kind of felt Docker has been quite a buzz, recently. So, here, let’s discuss what Docker is and what it does in very simple words, without going much into internal technicals. Let’s dive in.

What exactly is Docker??

“ Docker is an open-source project that automates the deployment of software…

A basic explanation of different levels of Segmentation used by the OCR system.

Welcome to part-III about the working of the OCR system. In the previous post, we have seen the basic and widely used Preprocessing techniques in the OCR system.

In this part, we are going to cover the techniques of another most important phase of the OCR system, Segmentation.

Segmentation is nothing but breaking the whole image into subparts, to further process them.

Segmentation of image is done in the following sequence :
→ Line level Segmentation
→ Word level Segmentation
→ Character level Segmentation

For all the above-mentioned levels of Segmentation, we are going to use the Histogram Projection technique.

Histogram Projection Method

A basic explanation of the most widely used preprocessing techniques by the OCR system.

Welcome to part II, in the series about working of an OCR system. In the previous post, we briefly discussed the different phases of an OCR system.

Among all the phases of OCR, Preprocessing and Segmentation are the most important phases, as the accuracy of the OCR system highly depends upon how well Preprocessing and Segmentation are performed. So, here we are going to learn some of the most basic and commonly used preprocessing techniques on an image.

Let’s go…

The main objective of the Preprocessing phase is To make as easy as possible for the OCR system to distinguish a character/word…

A basic theoretical overview of the working of an Optical Character Recognition system.


The necessity of digitisation is rapidly increasing in the modern era. Due to the growth of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the wide availability of handheld devices, people often prefer digitized content over the printed materials including books and newspaper. Also, it is easier to organize digitized data and analyze them for various purposes with many advanced techniques like artificial intelligence etc. So to keep up with the present technological scenario, it is necessary to convert all the information present till now which is in the printed format to digitised format.

Here comes OCR ….Our saviour💪 💪 which helps…

Many of us feel Machine learning as a black box which takes some input and gives out some amazing output. In recent years, this same Black box is creating wonders by acting as a mimic of Human in the respective fields where it is being used.

But from my experience, it is very interesting, fun and sometimes frustrating(😜) as we go deep into this Black Box. This black box achieved so many things which none of us expected a decade ago. …

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